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hype bw

February 2012

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hype bw

Ones2Watch4.com -Oded answers questions from his fans!


Oded answers questions from his fans!

Ones2watch4 asked fans over at The Playground Forum for the Renegade Med Jai on
Wheels fan site if they could ask Oded one question what would they want to know.
Here are some of their questions and Oded's answers.

Hattie: How did you prepare for the role of Frank Donovan?

Oded: I did a lot of kind of interviews, not interviews, but I went and talked
to FBI agents and undercover agents; a lot of reading. It's kind of amazing
talking to these undercover agents because this kind of glamorous life you think
it is. It's not. It's very lonely especially if you go under for a very long
time. You don't really talk to anybody or see anybody except for the subjects
you're dealing with because you don't really want to have to lie to anybody else,
you know? It's really interesting.

As far as physical stuff you try and keep yourself physically fit as an actor in
general to be able to do anything that's asked of you. I do martial arts a
little bit. I concentrate on what methods the FBI uses.

Tamara from Brooklin, Maine: Do you ever want to try you hand at writing or

Oded: Directing is something that is very frightening for me at the moment.
There's just so much stuff that I need to learn and there's so much more
experience that I need to get as an actor before I can ever imagine directing. I
think yes, I think one day in the very distant future I would be interested in
doing that.

As far as writing is concerned, every once in a while I do try and then I
realize how incapable of writing I am so I stop. So basically I can't do
anything and once people find out that I can't act everybody will know that.

Kathy Heinke from Fort Alexander, Wisconsin: Is there a specific role you've
always wanted to play? Why?

Oded: I always try to keep myself very open. It's really weird. When I went into
drama school I never had an image of what I wanted to do in my life as an actor.
I never wanted to be a film actor, I never wanted to be necessarily only a
theatre actor. I sort of had this image of doing theatre and then doing
television and paying my way. The same about the characters that I've wanted to
play. I never sort of restrict myself in the sense that I wanted to do.

I tend to aim more for what would be a good job, what would be a smart decision
in the sense of what could help my career. whether people would enjoy seeing
this role, whether it would open new opportunities.

After I shot The Mummy Returns, I didn't work for about ten months. Not because
there weren't offers there, not because people weren't interested. It's because
the roles I was offered and the roles that

people were interested in me for were roles that were, my feeling, were
restricting. They were ethnic or they were roles that were bad guys or roles in
movies that I didn't believe in. I felt like they would have been a wrong choice
to make for my career.